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Visual artist with a camera

As a Dutch visual artist and photographer, I carry a rich cultural heritage. That is why I feel a strong connection to the Dutch tradition of landscape painters. That rich history helped shaping me. And at the same time it confronts me with the future. The beauty that I try to capture in my photographs, also hides uncertainty and an undefined threat. I see the skies become more dramatic, the weather is becoming more extreme, our climate is becoming more violent. It looks like the classic historical Dutch landscapes and skies are being pushed out by landscapes and skies that are the result of climate change. I am very aware of that tension. That is what I capture.
Saskia Boelsums

When nature strikes
Visual artist Saskia Boelsums loves to picture landscapes with threatening skies, wonderful images reminiscent of the old Dutch masters such as Ruisdael. Nature and the seasons to her are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. In a short time Saskia has become one of the big names in the world of art photography. About her approach she says: “I am a visual artist with a camera.”

Nature in all its fierceness
Saskia found her dream theme during a photo trip to the Dutch Wadden Islands. Nature in all its fierceness became her subject. “I am photographing when most people think the weather is too bad to go outside. By exploring different landscapes in all four seasons, I feel strongly connected to the universe. That feeling I’m trying to pass on through my landscape photos.”
And with great success. She won a large number of prizes and nominations and exhibited at renowned locations in cities like Amsterdam, London, Berlin and New York.

Capture the perfect image
Composition is very important to Saskia, just like colour, shape and light. “Sometimes nature provides me with fantastic gifts. But usually I have to work hard to capture the perfect image.” Because she photographs in the raw file format, she has to edit her photos. “I believe that too is a wonderful process, being locked up behind my computer and making all the choices that create the final picture.”

Sharing the feeling
Saskia Boelsums is still deepening the nature theme. She experiences how nature changes in every season. In summer, working with colourful images gives an extra dimension to her photos, in winter she reflects the somewhat gloomy natural violence. “There are still many areas I would like to visit. I am fascinated by different landscapes such as the sea and the mountains.” And even though she loves heavy skies, in the nearby future she might as well be found in a sun-drenched desert, trying to capture the shimmering vibrations. “To me it’s all about the power of nature and sharing that experience through my photos.”