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The landscape images created by Saskia Boelsums all show their own strong signature: overwhelming and picturesque. They show the beauty of the landscape, the pale reflection of the moonlight on a frozen puddle, the golden glow of a cornfield in late summer, an almost transparent green wave in a grey, turbulent sea.
Now also available in a book and in four special postcards.

The photography of Saskia Boelsums on postcards

These four postcards are the first in a series  of postcards with landscape pictures by  Saskia Boelsums. The cards can be purchased in museum shops, book stores and online via www.artrevisited.com

A new book with one hundred wonderful pictures

This book is a collection of one hundred of her most beautiful landscape images. It invites you to come on an unforgettable journey through a magnificent world that is, at times, wild and threatening, yet also unfathomably beautiful and lovely at the same time.

  • ISBN: 9789089898104
  • Author: Saskia Boelsums
  • Publisher: Terra
  • Language: English

Worldwide available from any good bookstore and Bol.com or Terra or Amazon.com.