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Three Books

The landscape images created by Saskia Boelsums all show their own strong signature: overwhelming and picturesque. They show the beauty of the landscape, the pale reflection of the moonlight on a frozen puddle, the golden glow of a cornfield in late summer, an almost transparent green wave in a grey, turbulent sea.
Now also available in three books and in sixteen special postcards.


Saskia Boelsums – Artist with a Camera

In her third book Saskia Boelsums shows her  development in words and pictures. Her quest to express herself through photography led her via still-life and portraits to her current specialism: picturesque, impressionistic landscape photography.

Available from any good bookstore and Bol.com, Terra or Amazon.com


Saskia Boelsums – Pictorial landscape photography

The Dutch landscape in all its glory is revealed. In her second book Saskia Boelsums translated her love of nature into movingly beautiful photos of striking landscapes. She works in the tradition of famous landscape painters such as John Constable, Van Gogh and Jacob van Ruisdael.

Available from any good bookstore and Bol.com or Terra or Amazon.com

Saskia Boelsums – Landscape photography

Her first book is a collection of one hundred of Saskia Boelsums’ most beautiful landscape images. It invites you to come on an unforgettable journey through a magnificent world that is, wild and threatening, yet also unfathomably beautiful and lovely at the same time.

Available from any good bookstore and Bol.com or Terra or Amazon.com


Sixteen Postcards

The photography of Saskia Boelsums on postcards
The cards can be purchased in museum shops, book stores and online via www.artrevisited.com