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10 pagina’s in Holland Herald met een mooi artikel van Manon Uphoff over de wereldberoemde Hollandse wolkenluchten!

“For a representation of this interplay of air and light, we do not always have to go back to the distant past. For example, photographer Saskia Boelsums (named artist of the year in 2020), adds – with her stunning landscape photos – the grandiose to what initially seems inconspicuous. Her work is reminiscent of many iconic landscape paintings by Dutch artists, such as Paulus Potter. By making use of the dramatic Dutch skies and the variation in land and water, Boelsums is able to compensate for the lack of events ‘on the ground’. She depicts the peace, beauty and density of the landscape. Cows, the land and the sky meld together, appearing as one. There might be a wreath of trees, or a field of green on which cattle are gathered in the rain; their warm breath hanging in the air as vapour. And, over everything lies the pearl veil of shadow, mist and light. The show of absence is the greatness in this imagery. The Dutch live in a mirage in this landscape.”